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Who Can Earn the CEME?

Who Can Earn the CEME Designation?

The CEME program was made to be practical, and because it is self-directed, it was made to be very convenient as well.

To date, we have served more than 15,000 international professionals, from global teams of professionals from publicly traded companies to college students trying to get their first job in the business coaching industry. 

Participants of the CEME certification program include:

    • Event planning and management professionals looking to improve their event management expertise and knowledge.
    • Students with some professional experience who are looking for continuing education opportunities.
    • Seasoned professionals looking for professional self-improvement training in event management.
    • Current event planning professionals looking to improve their event management knowledge and leverage the changes the event management industry has experienced in the past 10 years.
    • Employee groups looking to enhance their event management knowledge.

If you are ready to join the CEME program and advance your career, register now.

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